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We Transform Your Property

Do you reside in the neighborhood's most dilapidated residence? Does the red siding now resemble pink since the trim is flaking and the color is so faded? Do you catch yourself wishing your home had half the curb appeal of those seen on real estate shows?

Simply give SwiftHand Painting a call if you're nodding in agreement. In only a few days, our skilled team will completely convert your house into Salt Lake County, Utah's top choice for exterior painting. No matter how ugly it appears, after we're done, you'll have the talk of the neighborhood.

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+1000 Satisfied Customers

Customer satisfaction is our main focus, and as seen by our clients' testimonials, we believe we excel at it. In Salt Lake County, Utah, we have more than 1,000 happy clients who gush about our expertise, kindness, and attention to detail. We put a lot of effort into offering every customer the best, most consistent paint job we can provide while also making the process pleasurable and stress-free.

Only businesses that consistently surpass customers' expectations receive five-star reviews. The fact that SwiftHand Painting has a five-star rating is a testimonial to the way we handle our clients and the calibre of our work. Some would even claim that we are perfectionists, but we don't mind.

House Painted by Swifthand Painting in Riverton, Utah
exterior house painted by Swifthand Painting

Why Should You Invest in Professional Exterior House Painting?

  • A fresh coat of paint can instantly revitalize the appearance of a house, making it look cleaner, more attractive, and well-maintained.
  • Painting a house can significantly boost its curb appeal, potentially increasing its market value and making it more appealing to potential buyers or renters.
  • Quality paint acts as a protective barrier against weather elements like rain, sunlight, wind, and even pests, helping to prevent damage and extending the life of the house's exterior.
  • By sealing cracks and gaps, paint helps prevent moisture from seeping into the structure, reducing the risk of rot, decay, and other structural issues.
  • Compared to major renovations, painting is a relatively affordable and cost-effective way to refresh and upgrade the appearance of your home.
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Being Prepared for Painting

Remove Stuff

Remove all the furniture, frames, artwork, posters or any breakable stuff. Sticky notes or tape must be used to mark any nails that must remain in place.

Clear The Wall Surface

Moving any appliances away from walls is optional, however it is required if you want us to paint behind them. Together with the team leader, plan this.

Keep Kids Away

Keep kids and pets away from the crew, the paint, and the materials. We care about the safety of your family.

Clean The Area

Before we arrive, if necessary, clean the baseboards. Baseboards that can't be painted or that need to be cleaned may incur additional costs.

Window colored black by Swifthand Painting

Exterior Painting to Transform Any Building

The weather of Salt Lake County, Utah, puts a strain on building materials. Homes and businesses require long-lasting, high-quality paint and regular upkeep to appear their best due to constant exposure to the sun, wind, rain, snow, and dramatic temperature swings. SwiftHand Painting is aware of these difficulties, thus we customize our exterior home painting services in Salt Lake City and the surrounding regions to guarantee that every structure we paint looks fantastic and stays that way.

Superior Interior and Exterior Painting

Let us improve the curb appeal and value of your house or place of business. We tackle every stage of the process, from preparation to cleanup, with meticulous attention to detail and only utilize professional-grade supplies. We'll give your structure a stunning, long-lasting finish that lasts for years in the arid environment of Utah.

We apply the same degree of professionalism to interior painting work. Any place benefits from a fresh coat of paint, so whether you're updating an outdated restaurant or turning your bedroom into a more relaxing environment, we'll make it happen.

Get a Complimentary Professional Color Consultation

spending a lot of time in front of the store's paint samples? Request a free color consultation to get assistance choosing the ideal hue. You'll be pleased with the project's outcome when you entrust our color specialists with helping you choose paint colors, whether they are traditional or modern.

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Being Prepared for Exterior Painting
  • Trim the hedges and take care of the grass and weeds growing up against the house.
  • There are no dog messes in the garden.
  • Remove items from the home.
  • Before painting can start, vehicles must be parked in the garage or on the street.
  • Throughout the painting process, allow access to water faucets.
  • The house must be cleared of all decorative/string lights.
  • Keep kids and pets away from our staff, the paint, and the materials. Your family's safety is something we want to ensure. If your pet need access to the garden, kindly arrange it with our staff.
  • While sometimes checking in on our staff is OK, they function best when left alone. The final product of painting projects always looks the best.